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Healthy sleep

Modern life is filled with a plethora of stress and complications, which we have to deal with every day. If we add to this the need to travel between time zones or work in shifts (including night work) - we have a ready recipe for disaster. Obviously, this may lead to complete deregulation of the body and a loss of its internal harmony based on a balanced daily cycle (day and night). All this translates into problems with the quality of sleep, constant waking up at night as a result of the slightest murmur in the room, and even very large amounts of time needed to fall asleep at all.

The most common preparations that help in the fight for better sleep include:

- melatonin,

- l-tryptophan.

Of course, we also offer more complex preparations such as ZMB, which combines a carefully prepared blend of magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6. Our offer undergoes constant development and we are sure that new products of equally high effectiveness and safety of use will appear soon.

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Melatonin 120 tabl.

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Essence Melatonin is high-quality, pure melatonin that is worth taking if you suffer from sleep disorders and problems with falling asleep....

ZMB 120 tabl.

Price zł29.99

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Essence ZMB - a high-quality blend of magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6 in precise and predetermined proportions. Helps improve the quality of...

Melatonin - 120 caps.

Price zł19.99

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Melatonin is becoming more and more popular for promoting total sleep time, helping with jet lag fatigue, or balancing the circadian rhythm...

Tryptophan with a...
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Tryptophan with a convenient pillbox

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Price zł49.99

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L-tryptophan with a convenient pillbox is an excellent source of pure l-tryptophan, which has an extremely broad and positive effect on the...

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